Aug 19, 2018

Attention People of All Genders! We Are's 2018-2019 Team is Here to Take the Stage!

We Are is proud to introduce our very special Executive Board of 2018-2019!

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Following a fun and insightful Annual General Meeting (AGM), it's time to play the music and light the lights for these new budding activists. The new executive consists of:

  • President - Julian Chircop
  • Secretary General - Claudio Cilia
  • Treasurer - Peter Gatt
  • Communications Officer - Beck Cauchi
  • Community Officer - Martha Gatt Suban
  • Education & Awareness Officer - Leanne Scicluna

Part of the past and new We Are Executive Board. From left: Ian Padovani, Beck Cauchi, Martha Gatt Suban, Claudio Cilia, Raelene Galea, Julian Chircop - Leanne Scicluna and Peter Gatt were absent. We Are 2018 AGM (31 July 2018)

The AGM commenced with Clayton Mercieca from Allied Rainbow Communities nominated as Chairperson, and Chiara Vassallo from Kunsill Nazzjonali Żagħżagħ as Minute-Taker. The President, Julian Chircop, started the AGM with a motivational introduction about We Are's experience during 2017-2018. 

The 2017-2018 We Are Executive and Chairperson. From left: Julian Chircop, Ian Padovani, Raelene Galea) and Clayton Mercieca- We Are 2018 AGM (31 July 2018)

The 2017-2018 Annual & Financial Report and Calendar of Events were presented to the audience. Amendments to the statute were not tackled and will be addressed in an Extraordinary General Meeting that will be held in September/October 2018.

We Are Members & Non-members during the We Are 2018 Annual General Meeting (31 July 2018)
The nominees then presented their speeches of interest (those absent had their speeches read out) in applying for the We Are Executive Board and a vote of confidence was taken per nominee. All nominees received full confidence and the new exec was accepted!

A collective photo of part of the We Are 2018-2019 team and We Are members. (31 July 2018)
The new team is already working and very excited to organise fun new events and activities to widen our outreach, spread awareness and educate the community about LGBTQI+ issues. After all... you really matter to us.
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So, give a warm welcome! Let's roll the ball!And may the new team bring new experiences for you to share with us this year!

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