Jul 31, 2018

Ring a-ling, Miley! The AGM is here, darling!

(Lip Sync Battle-Drag Month, April 2018)

The day has finally arrived; in less than an hour, the We Are Annual General Meeting 2017-2018 will officially commence!

The AGM will be held as follows:

Appointment of Chair.
Julian Chircop (President) will nominate Clayton Mercieca as Chair of the meeting.
Votes against, abstentions?

Appointment of Minute Taker.
If no else volunteers, Julian will take minutes.
Votes against, abstentions?

> Approval of Agenda.
The Chair will read the following for the agenda of the meeting.
Votes against, abstentions?

> Approval of Minutes.
The Chair will read the minutes of last year’s AGM.
Votes against, abstentions?

> Matters arising out of Minutes.
The Chair will ask if there is anything that is not clear, otherwise the AGM may proceed.

> Administrative Report for the year.
Each current Executive Board member will speak about their section briefly.

> Financial Report.
Julian will speak about the finances.

> Amendments to statute.
Julian will declare that, following consultation from the legal office of the University of Malta, amendments to the statute will not be addressed in the upcoming AGM due to the nature and quantity of amendments proposed. We Are wishes to dedicate the required time and attention in amending these proposals with the representative of the University of Malta’s legal office according to the Student Regulations.
Votes against, abstentions?

> Election of Electoral Commission (Chair and additional person to count the votes together, ideally someone outside the organisation).
-> Nominations and presentation of the candidates for the incoming Executive Board.
The Chair will declare that We Are received a total of six nominations.

Beck Cauchi
Julian Chircop
Claudio Cilia
Peter Gatt
Martha Gatt Suban
Leanne Scicluna

> Election of Executive.
Since there is an equal number of nominations for the executive board, there will be no need for a vote.

We look forward to seeing you at our AGM; come and show your support, my chickies!

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