Apr 9, 2018

Join the Team!

First of all, the team would like to welcome Wilbert Tabone in the role of Secretary General. We're excited to keep working on ongoing projects, but we still need some helping hands to function better. 

The Communications Officer is the bridge between members, the executive and the general public. The major responsibilities of the role include:
  1. Posting on and managing our Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and website.
  2. Managing correspondence on our official email.
  3. Writing Newsletters.
  4. Working with the rest of the team to create promotional material and advertise.

The Awareness & Education Officer promotes awareness campaigns and organizes projects with an educational purpose.  The major responsibilities of this role include:
1. Attendance to KPS meetings to get a better understanding of the current social affairs on campus
2. Get the organization involved in opportunities that are of benefit to the organization and its members.
3. Work with the team to create educational activities and awareness campaigns. 

Previous experience isn't required, but if there is something that interests you in one of these roles, then go ahead and apply.  If you've got some knowledge in a relevant area, it's a bonus!

Applicant must be a University student or a youth under 30 years of age, an ally of the LGBTQI+ community and a member of We Are (membership is FREE and available online here). Kindly send an email to weareuom@gmail.com addressed to the President Julian Chircop with your full name and ID number by 24th April.

NB We Are is a voluntary youth and student university-based organisation, run by youths and students. This is not a paid job and there are no fixed hours. All work is done in the time members choose to dedicate to the organisation.