Aug 19, 2018

Malta Pride 2018 is Coming Soon to some Islands Near You!

I Got Love, Brothers... I got Laughs, Sisters... We got Malta Pride 2018, People!

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Malta Pride 2018 is fast approaching in less than a month and will be celebrated in one week! This year's Pride is being organised for its third year by Allied Rainbow Communities and We Are is pitching in to bring you three entertaining events for Malta Pride Week, full of creativity, fun and glam. Let's take a look!

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Pre-Pride Crafting Event

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As part of our Arts Council Malta - Creative Communities funded project, Kitba Queer, We Are is holding a crafting session which will bring the community together to craft various creative wonders for you to celebrate Pride with more colour! Get ready for paint, fun conversations and make your creativity materialise!

For more details and updates, visit: Kitba Queer Pre-Pride Crafting Event

Drag Lip Sync Battle

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Roll up your sleeves, put on some finger gloss and mascara, and take the stage... We Are's second Lip Sync Battle is here, but it's even bigger! Take the opportunity to dress in drag (either as a king or queen) and perform for the chance to win the title of Mr/Miss Malta Drag. For updates on the event, visit the Drag Lip Sync Battle Malta Pride 2018.

To register and read the terms & conditions, visit the Drag Lip Sync Battle Registration Form.

Kitba Queer Open Mic Night!

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To close off Malta Pride, We Are is hosting a Queer Open Mic Night as part of its Arts Council Malta - Creative Communities funded project, Kitba Queer. Here you can sing, read poetry, narrate a story or express your ideas and opinions on LGBT related issues in a safe, respectful and ethical environment. The choice is yours!

For more details and updates, visit Pride Mic Open Mic Night

Apart from We Are's events there will be the official Pride March & Concert on 15th September, and many other events taking place by various organisations, such as Allied Rainbow Communities, Malta Gay Rights Movement, and more! So much to choose; aren't you spoilt for choice? Visit each link for details, including time and venue.

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So, are you excited yet? Cos' We Are! Let's make Malta Pride 2018 the biggest and most tropical and artistic LGBT Pride ever!!

Attention People of All Genders! We Are's 2018-2019 Team is Here to Take the Stage!

We Are is proud to introduce our very special Executive Board of 2018-2019!

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Following a fun and insightful Annual General Meeting (AGM), it's time to play the music and light the lights for these new budding activists. The new executive consists of:

  • President - Julian Chircop
  • Secretary General - Claudio Cilia
  • Treasurer - Peter Gatt
  • Communications Officer - Beck Cauchi
  • Community Officer - Martha Gatt Suban
  • Education & Awareness Officer - Leanne Scicluna

Part of the past and new We Are Executive Board. From left: Ian Padovani, Beck Cauchi, Martha Gatt Suban, Claudio Cilia, Raelene Galea, Julian Chircop - Leanne Scicluna and Peter Gatt were absent. We Are 2018 AGM (31 July 2018)

The AGM commenced with Clayton Mercieca from Allied Rainbow Communities nominated as Chairperson, and Chiara Vassallo from Kunsill Nazzjonali Żagħżagħ as Minute-Taker. The President, Julian Chircop, started the AGM with a motivational introduction about We Are's experience during 2017-2018. 

The 2017-2018 We Are Executive and Chairperson. From left: Julian Chircop, Ian Padovani, Raelene Galea) and Clayton Mercieca- We Are 2018 AGM (31 July 2018)

The 2017-2018 Annual & Financial Report and Calendar of Events were presented to the audience. Amendments to the statute were not tackled and will be addressed in an Extraordinary General Meeting that will be held in September/October 2018.

We Are Members & Non-members during the We Are 2018 Annual General Meeting (31 July 2018)
The nominees then presented their speeches of interest (those absent had their speeches read out) in applying for the We Are Executive Board and a vote of confidence was taken per nominee. All nominees received full confidence and the new exec was accepted!

A collective photo of part of the We Are 2018-2019 team and We Are members. (31 July 2018)
The new team is already working and very excited to organise fun new events and activities to widen our outreach, spread awareness and educate the community about LGBTQI+ issues. After all... you really matter to us.
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So, give a warm welcome! Let's roll the ball!And may the new team bring new experiences for you to share with us this year!

Jul 31, 2018

Ring a-ling, Miley! The AGM is here, darling!

(Lip Sync Battle-Drag Month, April 2018)

The day has finally arrived; in less than an hour, the We Are Annual General Meeting 2017-2018 will officially commence!

The AGM will be held as follows:

Appointment of Chair.
Julian Chircop (President) will nominate Clayton Mercieca as Chair of the meeting.
Votes against, abstentions?

Appointment of Minute Taker.
If no else volunteers, Julian will take minutes.
Votes against, abstentions?

> Approval of Agenda.
The Chair will read the following for the agenda of the meeting.
Votes against, abstentions?

> Approval of Minutes.
The Chair will read the minutes of last year’s AGM.
Votes against, abstentions?

> Matters arising out of Minutes.
The Chair will ask if there is anything that is not clear, otherwise the AGM may proceed.

> Administrative Report for the year.
Each current Executive Board member will speak about their section briefly.

> Financial Report.
Julian will speak about the finances.

> Amendments to statute.
Julian will declare that, following consultation from the legal office of the University of Malta, amendments to the statute will not be addressed in the upcoming AGM due to the nature and quantity of amendments proposed. We Are wishes to dedicate the required time and attention in amending these proposals with the representative of the University of Malta’s legal office according to the Student Regulations.
Votes against, abstentions?

> Election of Electoral Commission (Chair and additional person to count the votes together, ideally someone outside the organisation).
-> Nominations and presentation of the candidates for the incoming Executive Board.
The Chair will declare that We Are received a total of six nominations.

Beck Cauchi
Julian Chircop
Claudio Cilia
Peter Gatt
Martha Gatt Suban
Leanne Scicluna

> Election of Executive.
Since there is an equal number of nominations for the executive board, there will be no need for a vote.

We look forward to seeing you at our AGM; come and show your support, my chickies!

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Jul 27, 2018

Put on your shades and let's read, Honey Bee! The We Are AGM 2018 is approaching!

t's that time again: We Are, the University of Malta LGBTQI+ student organisation, is looking for new recruits to form part of its Executive team for the upcoming 2018/19 scholastic year. 

Our rainbow-coloured executive needs new, fresh and colourful flowers to widen our garden and promote student activism towards LGBT rights (amongst all genders, sexes, and types of sexuality). If you're interested in being involved in a student organisation, then this is the opportunity to meet us at our Annual General Meeting on the 31st July 2018 at 18:00-20:30 at the KNZ Office, 50 Lion Street in Floriana

The agenda for the AGM will include the election of a new executive board as well as the approval of proposed amendments to the current We Are statute, last amended in September 2017. Any other issues proposed for inclusion on our agenda and statutory amendments should be sent by email to by no later than Monday 30th July. 

People who wish to apply for a role must be nominated by another member of We Are. The closing date for all nominations of people wishing to contest the election to the We Are executive board is on Monday 30th July 2018 till 23:59.

All nominations should be sent by email by the person nominating the candidate to, and CC'ing the candidate's email. Both the candidate and the person nominating them must be a current member of We Are. This includes both regular members as well as Executive members. If you have already emailed your interest in an executive role, then an email from a member of We Are to nominate you must be sent, also CC'ing your email.

The email must contain the following:
> ID number and full name of the candidate being nominated.
> ID number and full name of the person nominating them.

The candidate must then send a follow-up email which includes their position/role of interest, and a motivational letter on why they want to be part of the executive team of We Are. 

Members unable to attend the AGM will be able to vote by proxy, provided that they send an email to by 12:00, Tuesday 31st July. The email must contain the name and ID card number of the person who is being granted the proxy. The said person must also be CC'ed in the email and acknowledge acceptance of the proxy. Any person may hold no more than one other person's proxy. For the sake of establishing whether or not a quorum has been reached persons holding a proxy will be counted both in their personal capacity and in that of the proxy which they hold.

The agenda of the Annual General Meeting is as follows:
>Appointment of Chair.
>Approval of Agenda.
>Approval of Minutes.
>Matters arising out of Minutes.
>2017/18 Administrative Report.
>2017/18 Financial Report.
>Election of Electoral Commission.
>Nominations and presentation of the candidates for the incoming Executive Board.
>Election of 2018/19 Executive.

Following consultation from the legal office of the University of Malta, amendments to the statute will not be addressed in the AGm due to the nature and quantity of amendments proposed.
We Are wishes to dedicate the required time and attention in amending these proposals with the representative of the University of Malta’s legal office, in accordance with the Student Regulations.
The amendments will be announced during the EGM which will take place in September 2018 (date to be confirmed).
We Are would also like to remind the public that membership applications will close the day before the event (30th July 2018, 23:59). Anyone applying on the 31st July from 00:00 onward will not be considered a member, in accordance with the We Are statute. Membership will reopen after the AGM has ended at 20:30 on 31st July. Don't forget to click 'Going' and promote the event by sharing with your friends on We Are AGM 2018 -Facebook Event and keep in touch for any updates!
We look forward to seeing you all!

Apr 9, 2018

Join the Team!

First of all, the team would like to welcome Wilbert Tabone in the role of Secretary General. We're excited to keep working on ongoing projects, but we still need some helping hands to function better. 

The Communications Officer is the bridge between members, the executive and the general public. The major responsibilities of the role include:
  1. Posting on and managing our Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and website.
  2. Managing correspondence on our official email.
  3. Writing Newsletters.
  4. Working with the rest of the team to create promotional material and advertise.

The Awareness & Education Officer promotes awareness campaigns and organizes projects with an educational purpose.  The major responsibilities of this role include:
1. Attendance to KPS meetings to get a better understanding of the current social affairs on campus
2. Get the organization involved in opportunities that are of benefit to the organization and its members.
3. Work with the team to create educational activities and awareness campaigns. 

Previous experience isn't required, but if there is something that interests you in one of these roles, then go ahead and apply.  If you've got some knowledge in a relevant area, it's a bonus!

Applicant must be a University student or a youth under 30 years of age, an ally of the LGBTQI+ community and a member of We Are (membership is FREE and available online here). Kindly send an email to addressed to the President Julian Chircop with your full name and ID number by 24th April.

NB We Are is a voluntary youth and student university-based organisation, run by youths and students. This is not a paid job and there are no fixed hours. All work is done in the time members choose to dedicate to the organisation. 

Jan 25, 2018

Kitba Queer Project Launch

Kitba Queer is a project that launched in January 2018. This project is supported by Arts Council Malta - Creative Communities. The aim of this project is to promote more visibility and inclusion in Maltese media about diverse Queer identities.

Participants will have the chance to attend several workshops on creative writing and other skills needed in order to publish an Anthology. There will be a number of informal writing meetings where participants can practice their talents and in April 2018, there will be a residential writing weekend for the participants.

All these workshops will result in the publication of an Anthology of Queer Fiction by Maltese and Malta-based writers and artists.

Some information can be found here. If you're interested, email or message us on Facebook for more details.