Jan 8, 2016

Education & Awareness and Community Officers

Interested in educational projects and raising awareness? Is community building important to you? 

Following the resignation of two board members and reshuffling, there are two vacant positions within the organisation's executive board for Community Officer and Education & Awareness Officer.

As described by our Statute, the positions entail the following:

Community Officer
Article 7.4.6. The Community Officer is responsible to maintain the community-feel within the organization. They must create, maintain and constantly update the members’ database.

Education & Awareness Officer
Article 7.4.7. The Awareness and Education Officer is tasked with creating, organizing and promoting any awareness campaigns or short term projects for We Are and may make use of any media tools to achieve this.

Applications are open to all youth and students who are interested, but need to be seconded by a current We Are member (general or executive). Applicants must send their full name and ID card number, along with the full name and ID card number of their seconder to president@weare.org.mt (and Cc. their seconder) by  22nd January 12:00pm. The email must be addressed to Mark Josef Rapa. 

In the event that there are more than two applications for each post, an EGM will be held. The chosen or elected individuals will form part of the 2015/2016 Executive Board and will work together with other board members on upcoming projects. 

We Are would like to take this opportunity to thank Jasmin Duffill and John Charles Fenech for their contributions and support. 

If you have any enquiries to direct to specific board members, or any questions regarding the roles kindly contact info@weare.org.mt. 

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