Nov 13, 2016

We Are Needs You!

We Are needs you! The post of Communications Officer is still vacant, so we've opened the call again.
Each member of the executive team is as integral to the organization's running as its members. The Communications Officer, in particular, is the bridge between members, the executive and the general public. The major responsibilities of the role include:
  1. Posting on and managing our Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and website.
  2. Managing correspondence on our official email.
  3. Writing Newsletters.
  4. Working with the rest of the team to organize events,  and create promotional material and advertise.

We are looking for one or more of the following skills in our potential candidate:

Communication and planning skills


Work Independently

Team player

Don't be discouraged by our desired skill set; being part of a student organization is a rewarding experience that helps you grow and develop skills for your future, with our team coming from a variety of backgrounds.

Are you worthy? Send an email to, expressing your interest and why you think you are suitable for the role. The deadline for the call of Communications Officer ends on 14th February

Aug 4, 2016

5 reasons to join the We Are Team!

5 reasons to join the We Are Team!

We Are has a new executive team for 2016, but we are still looking for a Communications Officer. We’re looking for someone with fresh ideas, an interest in student activism and a team player, but we want to give you 5 reasons why you should consider joining the team!

1.  We can make a difference!

Yes, we mean it. Despite the legislation being in place, education and awareness is still lacking. Coming up with community building activities, meeting members, aiding the team with educational and awareness raising activities go towards making University a safe space and building a community on and off campus with other youths and students!

2. Hone and develop skills

The role of Communications Officer entails more than just keeping up a community feel within the organization, but also maintaining our various social media accounts, our website as well as sending out newsletters. If you already know how to use Facebook Pages and Insights, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and/or Blogger then that's a bonus. If not all, the rest are pretty simple to pick up. Every aspect of the role relies on your ability to communicate visually and verbally, and your desire to develop these skills further.

3. Make connections

You get to meet other students in organisations who are just as passionate about activism on campus, as well as collaborate with local educators and activists who are contributing to making Malta a better place. Share ideas and work with other organisations to promote our mission aims: Education, Awareness, Representation and Community.

4.  We're craftsy

We don't rely just on designing and printing materials to use, but we like to get creative with paper and cardboard, as well as reuse or upcycle materials. Ideas are always appreciated.

5. It's fun!

If you think you’ve got what it takes, just send an email to expressing your interest, and why you are suitable for the role. Deadline is 18th August 10:00pm.

Aug 2, 2016

New Executive 2016-17

The scholastic term 2015-16 has ended, and so has the term of our executive. With the Annual General Meeting having been held on the 29th of July, we are pleased to present our new executive board for 2016-2017!

Cynthia Chircop as President
Julian Chircop as Secretary General
Jay Williams as Treasurer
Stef Gafa as Awareness & Education Officer

Since no further candidates came forward, we are missing a Communications Officer, so a call will be issued in due course. In the meantime stay tuned for more information as we plot for the coming year!

Feb 21, 2016

Reaction to the Church's position paper on the Conversion Therapy Bill

While different opinions are appreciated in any formative process, be it educational, business or law-drafting, to name a few, we reiterate that they must be informed, and informative, in a correct manner.
The position paper on the conversion therapy bill issued by the Church, is flawed from the very first few lines, wherein it refers to gender identity and sexual orientation as a “condition”, which is counter-productive and insulting to LGBT+ individuals. Being different or feeling different in these regards is not a condition. It also fails to draw a distinction between counselling and conversion therapy. Whilst for many the two are linked, in actuality, they are not.
Conversion therapy is a practice which, if this bill becomes law, would be criminalised. It has been proven to be extremely harmful to the mental health and general well-being of the individual undergoing it, regardless of whether it was voluntary or forced participation. Most persons who were forced into this therapy condone it, medical and psychological health associations condone it, and it has been banned in a few states in the USA. If this bill is passed, Malta would become the first country in Europe to ban it.

This paper compares paedophilia, which according to the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases is a mental disorder, to sexual orientation, further promoting the misconceptions of paedophilia associated with homosexuality. It is truly upsetting to see that in this day and age, considering the ample amount of resources available, the authors failed to familiarise themselves with the reality.
The bill places LGBTIQ persons within the category of vulnerability because of the culture we have been raised in, where being LBGT+ is still cause for bullying, discrimination, rejection, and other issues that cisgender heterosexual persons do not face. Gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are not aspects of life that are acquired, but rather developed. This paper treats sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as qualities that one can just go and change without a second thought.
The reason why this law does not criminalise those assisting “heterosexual[s] to become homosexual” is purely because conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy, is aimed at converting those who identify as gay or lesbian to heterosexuality. Furthermore, heterosexuality has never been viewed as a medical condition, it is still considered the “norm” of society. It is rather presumptuous for the Church to make such a statement, when the biggest advocates of conversion therapy, are Christian organizations amongst others that use religion to justify the “required” therapy.
As We Are, we reiterate the need for this ban, as it would push society a step closer towards the acceptance of people who are LGBT+. This also aims to overcome the misconception that gender identity, sexual orientation and sexual expression other than cis-gender heteronormative and heterosexual is a condition to fix. We also would like to encourage the Church in Malta to learn more on LGBT issues, and to change their stance on issues pertaining to LGBT individuals by informing themselves better.


Feb 8, 2016

Call for Participants: A Queer Utopia

We want to hear your voice! What are your goals, your dreams, as a youth living in Malta?

We Are, the Youth & Student LGBTQQI organisation, is looking for persons to participate in a short documentary-style video and/or to contribute to the project’s online page. The goal of this multi-media project is to gather youths who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, agender, asexual, pansexual, queer, questioning, intersex amongst other sexual orientations and gender identities, to voice the dreams, desires, ideas and share their or others’ experiences and goals of LGBT youth living in Malta.

We are looking for persons under the age of 30, of any ethnicity and race or nationality living in Malta. The documentary interviews will be filmed in English. The setting will be in itself informal, so as to allow the participants to feel more comfortable and confident. If you are interested in being a part of this project, kindly fill in the application at this link. Persons who are under 18 years of age are required to provide their parents’ consent and email the contact below for more information.

Applying is not a guarantee of being chosen for filming. We aim to film the above over the last weekend of February, latest first weekend of March. Applicants will be screened and an information meeting will be held before filming. Applicants who are not chosen for filming, may still contribute to the online writing. While submissions will remain open, documentary participants will no longer be considered after the 17th February, 2016.

Any personal information (contact number, email etc) you provide will be handled only by the Project Manager and We Are executive members, and will not be shared outside this project. If you would like any more information or wish to e-mail a consent form, please contact the Project Manager on or our information email  


This Project is funded by Voices Foundation. 

Jan 11, 2016

A Queer Utopia Project: Call for Director

We Are, the Youth & Student LGBTQQI organisation, is seeking a person to  direct, produce, film and edit a documentary for a funded project that aims to voice the dreams, desires and ideas of LGBT youth living in Malta. This project aims to gather youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, agender, pansexual amongst other sexual orientations and gender identities to share their experiences and goals through multi media.

Desired Skills
In depth knowledge of filming, video editing and production software and sound editing software. The candidate must be in possession of relevant equipment and software. They must also be comfortable with working with strangers of different orientations and ethnicity, and possess good communication and teamwork skills. Although no experience in documentary filming is necessary, it will be considered a plus.  

The candidate will be required to:
  • Meet with the Project Manager and discuss location, filming, interview structure amongst other things for the documentary. (January-early February)
  • Meet with volunteers at chosen locations to produce, direct and film the interviews. (February)
  • Edit the footage to produce a professional product. (March)

To ask for more information, one may e-mail with queries.To apply for this project role, kindly send an e-mail to with your name, surname, statement of interest (including a brief reason why) and attach or provide a link to your portfolio or showreel. Applications will be accepted until 22nd January 12:00pm.

This Project is funded by Voices Foundation, where funds have been allocated for the documentary's production. A contract will be established with the chosen applicant that will include remuneration amongst other conditions necessary. 

Tfittxija għal Direttur: Proġett Queer Utopia

We Are, l-organizazzjoni ta’ żghażagħ u studenti LGBTQQI, qed tfittex persuna biex tideriġi, tipproduċi, tiffilmja u teditja dokumentarju għal proġett iffinanzjat liema bl-iskop jagħti leħen lil ħolm, xewqat u idejat ta’ żgħażagħ LGBT li jgħixu f’Malta. L-għan ta’ dan id-dokumentarju huwa li jiġbor żgħażagħ li jidentifikaw rrwieħhom bħala lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, agender, pansexual fost orjentazzjonijiet sesswali u identitajiet ta’ ġeneru oħrajn biex jaqsmu l-esperjenzi u x-xewqat tagħhom permezz ta’ dan il-mezz ta’ komunikazzjoni.

L-applikanti għandom ikunu midħla sew ma’ softwares ta’ produzzjoni u video editing kif ukoll dawk ta’ sound editing. Madankollu, l-applikant għandu jipposjedi is-software u l-equipment relevanti. Oltre, l-individwu għandu jkun komdu jaħdem ma individwi ta’ identita’ ta’ ġeneru u orjentazzjonijiet sesswali differenti u minn kulturi differenti, u jipposjedi kwalitajiet tajba ta’ komunikazzjoni u li kapaċi jaħdem f’tim.

Għalkemm l-ebda esperjenza fil-produzzjoni ta’ dokumentarji ma hi rikjesta, hija tiġi kkunsidrata bħala vantaġġ.
Il-kandidat magħzul ikun mistenni li:
  • Jiltaqa’ mal-Maniġer tal-Proġett biex jiddiskutu l-post, il-filming, u l-istruttura tal-intervisti fost affarijiet oħra għad-dokumentarju (Jannar sal-bidu ta’ Frar)
  • Jiltaqa’ mal-volontiera fil-postijiet magħzula biex jipproduċu, jidderiġu u jiffilmjaw l-intervisti. (Frar)
  • Jedittjaw il-footage biex jipprezentaw prodott professjonali finali (Marzu)

Għal aktar informazzjoni dwar il-proġett, persuna tista’ tikkuntatja permezz ta’ e-mail lil Jekk int interessat f’dan l-irwol, l-applikant ġentilment mitlub/a tibgħat e-mail lil b’ismek, kunjomok, dikjarazzjoni ta’ interess (li tinkludi raġuni fil-qosor għaliex interessat/a) u link għall-portfoljo jew showreel (jista jkun anke anness mal-email). Għeluq ta’ l-applikazjonijiet huwa nhar l-22 ta’ Jannar 12:00pm.

Dan il-proġett huwa finanzjat minn Voices Foundation. Fondi ġew allokati għall-produzzjoni ta' dan id-dokumentarju. Fil-kuntratt bejn We Are u d-direttur magħzul ikun hemm inkluż ir-remunerazzjoni li ser tingħata ma kundizzjonijiet neċcessarja għall-esekuzzjoni ta' dan id-dokumentarju. 

Jan 8, 2016

Education & Awareness and Community Officers

Interested in educational projects and raising awareness? Is community building important to you? 

Following the resignation of two board members and reshuffling, there are two vacant positions within the organisation's executive board for Community Officer and Education & Awareness Officer.

As described by our Statute, the positions entail the following:

Community Officer
Article 7.4.6. The Community Officer is responsible to maintain the community-feel within the organization. They must create, maintain and constantly update the members’ database.

Education & Awareness Officer
Article 7.4.7. The Awareness and Education Officer is tasked with creating, organizing and promoting any awareness campaigns or short term projects for We Are and may make use of any media tools to achieve this.

Applications are open to all youth and students who are interested, but need to be seconded by a current We Are member (general or executive). Applicants must send their full name and ID card number, along with the full name and ID card number of their seconder to (and Cc. their seconder) by  22nd January 12:00pm. The email must be addressed to Mark Josef Rapa. 

In the event that there are more than two applications for each post, an EGM will be held. The chosen or elected individuals will form part of the 2015/2016 Executive Board and will work together with other board members on upcoming projects. 

We Are would like to take this opportunity to thank Jasmin Duffill and John Charles Fenech for their contributions and support. 

If you have any enquiries to direct to specific board members, or any questions regarding the roles kindly contact