Oct 21, 2014

Support Kyrgyz Activists

Kyrgyzstan is pushing forward a bill that is deemed to be even harsher than Russia's. The proposed bill provides criminal penalty (up to 1 year of imprisoning) for "formation of a positive attitude towards non-traditional forms of sexual relations" and it does not only impact LGBTIQ communities but will limit all citizens in their human rights of speech, expression, assembly and peaceful meetings and access to information.

The LGBTQIA group in Krygyzstan, Labrys, started among other things an online campaign to gain support worldwide and put pressure on their parliamentarians. They want people to make signs with slogans or use their ready made ones, take a photo with the sign and then share in on social media using the hash-tag ‪#‎supportLGBTkg‬ 

We have also made a sign which you can use.

More information on the campaign can be found here:http://www.labrys.kg/en/media/gallery/full/11.html

This is very important, as with more pressure and the more the parliament know it is being watched, the more the chances that it will not be passed.

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