Aug 14, 2014

YouFest: Of celebrations, & diversity!

by Mina Tolu

Just a little bit less than four years ago my twin-sister, Lulu, approached me and asked me to join her and some friends and strangers in forming an LGBT student organisation. At first I was quite wary of this request, as I hadn't yet come out to many people, but joined her, and our friend Gaby at this first meeting on campus in November 2010.

I'll admit we had no idea what we were doing, fast-forward 3 years and a bit, and we're here. We've managed to learn, grow and change lives. We have office-space at the University, we receive funding, we organise events, we attend conferences, we make our voices as LGBTQ youth heard, we are on the LGBTI consultative council to the government, we have fun, we meet people... the list goes on.

We launched our first online crowd-funding event 'YouFest' last spring, and thanks to the support of Ruth Baldacchino, Sagar, Helen Wallbank, Patrick Wallbank, Bernardette Vassallo, Marilde Gauci, Lulu, Bledvar Albekell, Chris Brown, Maya Muscat Azzopadi, Jean Marc Pace, Mina, Marthese Formosa, Jay Williams, Rebecca Theuma, Abygail Martina Tonna, Brenda Cutajar, Rebecca Schembri, Hillary Briffa, & Sean Bamber we managed to raise enough money to host a post-pride event! Unfortunately for a number of reasons we were unable to host the event immediately post-pride, however we will be celebrating this years' advances and 3-and-a-bit years of awesomeness at a Beach Picnic next week!

We'd love for everyone who has supported We Are in the past, and everyone who wants to get to know us, to join us on the 20th August in Sliema. We will have some unplugged music, some home-made food and goodies, and a few surprises!

So sign up here: and let us know you're coming to celebrate with us!

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