Jul 11, 2014

We Are & KSU : Let's celebrate love!

Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) and WE ARE's joint Press Release, as Malta celebrates Pride today: Let's Celebrate Love!

At University over the past four years We Are and KSU have strived to create a campus that is more diverse, more multicultural, and more sensitive, to LGBTI issues.

This week Malta is celebrating love and equality with the yearly Pride March, in Valletta.
Although this year's theme is Family, as all other Pride marches, it should nonetheless serve as a reminder of the importance of non-formal and formal education structures in forming a more diverse and multi-cultural society for the next generations to grow up in.

As student organisations we have strived to inspire the student body to work toward, but more importantly discuss and debate issues, like homophobia and transphobia, which affect the student body. We believe that every student is valuable regardless of gender, age, sexuality or ethnicity.

Following the passing of the Civil Union Bill in Maltese parliament last April we are happy to see that our country is one step closer to these goals of unity. 

So let's celebrate love and together make sure that no one is discriminated for who they are.

We Are & KSU at Pride in 2013

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