Jul 12, 2014

Pride 2014: Speech

Just in case you've missed it, here is the speech Mina gave at Pride last night, on behalf of We Are.
The last two slogans for pride in Malta have led to this year's; Family - Where love matters more. Two years ago the slogan was I AM, a positive affirmation of our individual identities. Last year's was Love is Love, a statement which demanded equal rights. Back then we had only just started to think that this would finally become a reality. In those marches, pride was all about demanding rights, demanding equality and being recognised for who we are.  
In only one year there has already been so much progress, our right to love has been legally recognised through the introduction of the Civil Unions Bill in April. This year pride has become a celebration, a celebration that recognises different forms of families, and it's awesome! 
Although we've already come so far there is much left to be done. Such as the introduction of the Gender Identity Act, and further education in order to raise awareness, and to reduce homophobic and transphobic bullying in both our society and in our schools. 
I sincerely hope that we manage to carry on this wave of positive energy and realise that together, as organisations, straight allies, and LGBT individuals, we can really affect change.  
Happy pride everyone!

Mina gives a speech on behalf of We Are at Pride 2014 in Valletta. (Photo: MGRM)


Check out more footage of this year's Pride march in Valletta here:

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