May 18, 2014

'Protecting SOGI asylum-seekers & refugees'

Two of our members; Mel McElhatton and Marthese Formosa attended 'Protecting SOGI asylum-seekers & refugees' - aditus foundation event for the International Day Against Homophobia. Here is Marthese's feedback about the event, and some photo from Mel:

The event organized by ADITUS was a true experience. There was a mixture of the national situation and international experience. The area, that is linking asylum seekers with the LGBTQI or SGN (sexual and gender non-conforming) field, is something that interests me personally as I would like to work more on them. There was a brief summary of the Maltese events this week, which I found really helpful. There were talks on changes in the laws and important laws for workers in the two fields by ECRE and ILGA-Europe and although I didn't understand everything, they were really important. My favourite session by far war however, the two hour one one: How can I prove that I am gay? Examining the barriers & hurdles faced by the LGBTI refugee" which was very interesting and provided a lot of case studies.
The speaker managed to hold my attention for the most part, which wasn't easy with my short attention span and two hours to fill. It was interesting seeing the various cases and seeing how judges think and rulings passed. It was very informative overall.

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