Apr 28, 2014

5 reasons to join WE ARE!

5 reasons to join We Are!

The board of We Are is calling for the co-option of a new board member following the resignation of a current board member. If you would like to join the board you can email info@weare.org.mt with your nomination (and the name of a person seconding the nomination) by noon on Monday 5th May. But first, here are our 5 top reasons to join We Are!

1. You can contribute to changing Malta and improve people’s lives

Gaby, Mina & Emma at the Human Library at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School
Whether you’re volunteering at the Rainbow Support Service, pushing students’ boundaries with a treasure hunt, or representing youth on the LGBTI consultative council (which drafted the civil unions bill) you’ll be helping to make Malta a better place for LGBT+ youth and everyone else too! Now is the best time for it too, as more and more people are seeking services of support, and sources of information. Being part of an organisation like We Are has never been more exhilarating!

2. You can learn new skills, and put old ones to use

No experience is required to join the board of We Are. This means you get the chance to try something you’ve never tried before, or to improve skills you already have. You can get to plan events, apply for funding, write speeches and press releases, create visual content, and more. You could even hone your public speaking skills by participating in debates, and television interviews, or attend training to learn how to facilitate educational sessions on human rights and diversity.

Media & communications related skills.

3. You get to meet and work with amazing people

You meet students from other organisations, who are passionate about improving life on campus, and collaborate with local activists, academics, teachers, and social workers who are giving their all to change Malta. 
They’re people who are inspiring, and have great ideas, and whose passion is infectious!
We Are at a demonstration against homophobia in Hamrun with MGRM, aditus, Drachma, and other NGOs & activists.

4. You can travel and take part in international LGBTQ activism

As a member of We Are you get to travel to other European countries for conferences and workshops on activism, human rights, non-formal education, and more. You also get to contribute to IGLYO’s great work by having the opportunity to represent We Are at IGLYO’s general assembly.
We Are attended ILGA Worlds Conference in Sweden in 2012

5. It’s fun!

Emma and Ruth at the Civil Union celebrations!


  1. Hi , i"m Stefff and over 40,i came out not so long ago and still very new .I would love to meet new people and be a part in your activities :) Cheers guys

    1. Hey, sorry for the embarrasingly late reply!
      I am horrible at times with these social media sites and we never got a notification for this. Bad excuse but I hope you forgive me.

      You should definitely check out our fb page where we also post our events if you are ever interested in joining them https://www.facebook.com/WeAreUoM

      also we have our contact info if you wish to contact us further.

      Oh and congrats on coming out !! You're very brave, hope you feel relief :)
      Which, we have an event coming up btw on coming out stories so be sure to check out our page.


      Rosa the silly PR with no social media skills.