Feb 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Special: Sex: Let’s Talk About It! (Part 1)

Famous Agony Aunt, Penny Tration, gathers her most frequently asked questions about sex and relationships, and has the Executive Board of We Are give their expert opinion. Here are our answers to the first two!

Dear Penny,
I’ve been dating this girl for a while now, and the sex is GREAT. It was all going well, until she suggested scissoring. I do not believe that this is a real position that works for two women, however she insists that it is the only ‘true’ way for lesbians to have sex. Do you think scissoring is a myth, should I give it a go? Do you think our relationship will continue to work if scissoring does not?
-Scissor Sister in Seattle

Dear Scissor Sister,
Congrats on landing yourself a girl who’s great in the sack! If the sex is great already then I don’t think you should worry too much about the scissoring. I would go for it - give it a try and see if you like it. You might not have enjoyed it with other girls but this time it might work. I mean, if she knows what you’ve got is already ace and you clearly know it too; then why are you worried? If you think it’s bad then I’m sure she will too. If she wants it then I think you should let her experience it, even if it’s just the once. Take it from me, it is NOT a myth, don’t knock it before you’ve tried it ;)
- Kri

Dear Penny,
I’m quite religious and attend mass every Sunday. My priest, Father Anthony, preaches that homosexuality is wrong. He is a very handsome young man, not what you would expect a priest to be, and I find myself fantasizing about kissing him. Should I tell him this in confession? I’m scared he will reject me and kick me out of the church.

-Holy in Holland

Dear Holy,
Wow, this sounds like the beginning of a porno. In fact, I’m sure I’ve seen this one. In the “movie” the man in question does confess his lust for the handsome priest and fun times ensue in the confessional booth. However, I would caution you if trying this approach, as confessional booths are not particularly comfortable. My advice to you would be to move the action to somewhere a little more spacious, like the sanctuary or even on top of the altar. Do not worry about being rejected, there are many handsome priests out there who would gladly reenact scenes from ‘Priests Gone Wild’.

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