Mar 22, 2013

All the single lesbians! (Put your hands up)

by Brenda

We all have that one friend who we hang out with 24/7, plan our days with and some of us even our lives. Going out together or watching a movie on a Saturday night, just the two of you alone.  But things do not stay like that for a long time; things change.  Things change when one of you suddenly meets someone else.

That’s the time you start questioning everything: the friendship, the situation, and start wondering ‘am I going to become the second option for her now? Is she going to forget about me? Will I be included in the activities? Will she talk to me?’ You start asking other friends these questions and most of the time the answer is to give it time, adjust to the situation. So that’s what I did.

So you end up starting to hang with them alone. Sometimes being the third wheel is no fun, people start saying things like, “you’re going to end up being forever alone” and you just laugh and say yes pretending that the comment really didn’t hurt you. You have to hear them talk about their girlfriend, their relationship and how amazing it is, what they have done and said to each other. And let’s not forget all the sex stories. You just sit there, shut up and listen because you want to be a good friend to them but you cannot help feeling annoyed or even jealous of them.

The best part is when they start discussing about getting married, their wedding, buying a house, having kids and all the animals they’re going to get. I’m older than them but I’m just there thinking, “Hot damn all I want is a girl with abs and a fine booty”.

Time passes, things start to change.  You will start to get to know your friend’s girlfriend and, unless you’re stubborn or grumpy, what you realise is that you are not losing your friend at all but you are gaining another one.

To conclude, if you’re single or your friends are in a relationship the most important thing is to be happy with yourself, love what you do and who you are. As long as you have friends who love you the way you are, everything will be alright. Don’t be stubborn and shut people out, just get to know them because you could be missing out on getting to know some amazing and awesome people.

Don’t worry about being alone forever; don’t focus only on all the negative things you have been through. Eventually you’re going to find someone worthy, just like they did, and you will laugh at the bad experiences you went through. You will find someone who, not only tolerates your quirks, but loves you for them.  Don’t change things about yourself to please others; just be who you are. You are awesome and you’ll find someone just as awesome. Relax, being single really isn’t the end of the world. Life is still going on, forget whining about being forever alone and go live it. 

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