Feb 25, 2013

We Are in February

We Are in February
by Lulu

February has been a good month for We Are as it has seen us finally take off for the new semester. 

It started off with a bang when on the 5th February 7 We Are volunteers attended the Human Library organized by the Sociology Department at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School in Naxxar.  Many students wanted to ‘borrow’ us as books and ask us questions and share their opinions and ideas!  The feedback was truly impressive.

Then Paul attended Insite Leaders’ Debate on February 13th and kept us updated via Twitter.  He also had the chance to field a question.  The question and the reaction to it can be found here.

Finally just last Friday 22nd we had a small event called Queering Heterosexuality on campus to kick off a series of activities we are organizing together with Ruth Baldacchino.  These activities follow the lecture themes of the module on Queer Studies being offered by the department of sociology.  We’ll post the list of activities planned soon but venues and times might not yet be confirmed! 

For Queering Heterosexuality Mina prepared a number of closets (postcards), and then set up a mini-stand on campus with Jake.  They approached people and engaged in conversations about challenging and thinking about identity and the concept of the closet.

This small scale activity is actually an example of what anyone can help us with throughout the next few months.  We are also looking for bloggers or vloggers or anyone with passion to contribute to our work!  (Drop us a line!)

To end February we have planned a gathering (cookies included) for anyone who would like to get to know us or simply hang out. If you’re around campus on Wednesday 27th between 12 and 2pm feel free to join us.  We’ll be meeting in Quad (weather permitting) and moving off elsewhere.
See you soon! 

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