Dec 2, 2012

Looking back on.... (part 1)

Looking back on our first year as a university organisation

In November 2010 we had just started out as an organisation on campus. We were new, just had our first AGM, and held our first event (a stand on World AIDS Day). 

Our first uncertain steps in the world of students organisations led us down many interesting paths. What we lacked in experience (a lot) we made up for in enthusiasm. 

Our aims that year where to get out there, and make sure people got to know us. We participated in as many University weeks as possible; from Christmas on Campus to Human Rights Weeks to Organisations Days to the following (academic) year's Freshers Week.

Not having much financial support at the start, our efforts were either online or very environmentally friendly. We had to constantly think outside the box to come up with economically-feasible ways to express our ideas. This included a lot of paper crafts and home-made posters to decorate our information stands. 

By the end of the year we were a bit more well known, we had participated in our first Pride March as an organisation, as well as having a joint event with MGRM for IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia). 

Finally we also became a member organisation of IGLYO and had the opportunity to attend workshops and conferences abroad and in Malta. This helped the executive members gain experience in the field of LGBT activism as well as more knowledge with running student organisations.

What we learnt in our first year we made sure to carry on to our second one, which was even more successful... But you can read more about that in three days time. 

Written by Romina Tolu - Communications Officer

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