Dec 24, 2012

December's Blog - Paul's take on xmas!

We have this new thing we are doing, one of our exec members will be posting a blog, v-log or something of the sort every month. This month it's Paul's turn, and here's a piece he wrote for December... 

I have just returned home from an afternoon of Christmas shopping and as I throw back my espresso and feel the comfort of my radiator slowly warming my room I begin to reflect on the scenes that I witnessed as I navigated through the throngs of people clamoring through the shops in search of the perfect gift. 

I saw mothers lurching as they dragged their gaggle of kids away from the toy store windows so that they could get on with her shopping, the odd couple trying desperately to draw hints from one another as they sluggishly window-shopped, and large groups of loud, energetic teenagers cacophonously calling dibs on which smart phone or tablet they wanted to receive from their parents.  
It reminded me that for all the chaos Christmas brings with it, it also brings a great sense of community and togetherness.  It’s a time for gathering with family and friends, for enjoying life and its simpler things.  

I also became aware of the suffering that this month can bring, especially to those people who for whatever reason are carrying a burden inside, be it coming out or any other concern.  Something about seeing all this happiness and togetherness around you seems to heighten one’s sense of solitude.  I remember when going through my issues with being Gay, Christmas always made me feel more distant from the one’s I loved.  

So I encourage you all this Christmas to reach out to these people, people you know are carrying any kind of burden and try to lift some of the weight.  After all Christmas is a time of giving, and giving time to someone who needs someone and who needs to be reached or heard can be the greatest gift of all.

Happy Queermas Everyone J


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