May 24, 2012

Resolution on the Fight against homophobia

Here's our e-mail to Maltese MEPs sent this morning:

We are aware that today at 12:00 a resolution on the fight against homophobia in Europe will be voted on in the European Parliament.
Seeing as you have signed ILGA-Europe's Be Bothered! pledge we urge you to vote in favour of this resolution.
We're sure you're aware that Malta has the worst record for LGBT rights in the EU according to ILGA-Europe's Rainbow Map published last week. Just last January two cases with possible homophobic elements came to light in the press, and more go unreported.
As a University group We Are has had the chance to speak to students about homophobia, and these conversations have made it clear that students feel that more education is required on homosexuality and the damaging effects of homophobia.
Take a moment to view the situation from our perspective and show us that you really are committed to this cause: actions speak louder than words,

Make your voice heard too: 

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