Apr 27, 2012

We Are at MCAST's Diversity Day (29th April 2012)

MGRM and WE ARE at MCAST Diversity Days Yesterday

We Are at MCAST's Diversity Day (29th April 2012)
Yesterday We Are joined MGRM and stepped into the MCAST campus following an invitation to participate in their Diversity Day.  It was an opportunity to observe students and speak to the few who braved the heat and the clear queerness of our stand (MGRM decorated it with the 4 large LGBT giants, two big panels and loads of rainbow accessories!). 
We're toying with the idea of expanding/supporting a campaign in MCAST but only through feedback and direct involvement of MCAST students.  So if you're an inspired MCAST student let us know and we can discuss possible strategies for interaction!   The fact that very few students came up to the stand to speak to us could mean that having an LGBT stand still makes people uncomfortable (although it could mean other things too!) so having a campaign about sexual orientation and gender identity could be appropriate.  Indeed there were some students who were hovering about but not confident enough to approach, and this is OK, though we don't bite ;). 

Actually we do realise that our colourful and obvious presence might be daunting to some and don't take this against them, in fact, if you don't feel comfortable approaching an LGBT stand in a public space you can still get to know us via email, or by attending our more private events [film nights and picnics and etc...]. 
To get in touch with We Are email us on weareuom@gmail.com and we'll get back as soon as we can!