Mar 28, 2012

Relaxed Night and Picnic time!

Film Night Postponed...We regret to inform you that we did not find a location for tonight's film night. However we are still meeting up, as we still want to get to know you!
So whoever is still up for meeting... 20:00hrs at University Quad, from where we will decide on a cafe'/bar together and move off towards our destination! 

If you're joining us later, contact Mina on 99801261, or Gaby on 99207694! 

Picnic time... 

All the info in the poster and on facebook! :) 

Mar 8, 2012

Challenging Gender Stereotypes @University and more!

Gaby, Mina and Luisa #occupyhate - a message to be yourself, a message against homophobic bullying

Challenging Gender Stereotypes - Encouraging Dialogue
We Are took part in this week's Organisation's Days organised by KSU to showcase the different university student organisations.

We had a stand on Quad, of course very noticeable with a rainbow flag flapping in the wind. From Monday we started an exercise to encourage dialogue and challenge stereotypes. 'What Makes a Man, a Man?' and 'What Makes a Woman, a Woman?' were two questions we posed to passer-bys via a life-size silhouette. Students were encouraged to sketch or jot down their thoughts; however once the specifically biological differences had been put down, many people were at a loss of particular differences. Ensuing in discussions about the societal construct that is gender...

Students were also invited to stand in front of our flag with a message and the #occupyhate poster. Some photos of the event are up on our facebook page!

Finally we ended the wonderful three days with a movie-night at the common room yesterday, after some technical glitches we managed to get going. It was also nice to see some new faces at the event.

We Are would like to thank all those who turned up during the week, making it all worth it!

Next Wednesday at 13:00 there is a meeting open to all our members, these meetings will be held every week for the rest of the semester. We generally meet at the quadrangle first, and move on from there.

See you!

Mar 5, 2012

Film Night and Organisations' days!

Our stand on Monday! MGRM's posters - think before you speak campaign-, rainbow flag, and a challenge gender stereotype silhouette!
It's time for organisation's days at the University of Malta. Throughout this week different organisations at the university have set up stands and organised events and debates for everyone!

We Are have a stand in Quad, as well as a Film Night on Wednesday!

This time we are screening 'Mambo Italiano' - on Wednesday 7th March, at the KSU common room at 7:30 PM. We are promoting the idea of a comfortable space to meet up and talk, and relax together. 

Statement to the Press

Statement to the Press

The Malta Gay Rights Movement together with Integra Foundation, Drachma, LGBT Labour and We Are welcome Minister Chris Said’s announcement with regards to proposals for the extension of hate crime legislation to include the grounds of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, colour, language, ethnic origin, religion or belief or political or other opinion.

The enactment of such legislation sends a strong message that bias motivated crime is not acceptable in a society that aims to provide equal treatment to all its citizens and offers much needed protection to a wider range of vulnerable groups. We hope that this will also be accompanied by appropriate training to the police force with respect
to the identification of hate crimes, accompanying measures aimed at reaching out to potential victims and adequate data collection of such crimes.

We also commend the proposal to extend the NCPE remit beyond that based on gender and race to incorporate other grounds including gender identity and sexual orientation. This will enable NCPE to go beyond its current efforts which, when addressing such grounds have been limited to research and awareness raising. Providing that legislation
is also accompanied with the additional resources required NCPE would also be able to offer support to victims of discrimination.

Maria Pisani stated: "Integra supports these new proposals. But we would like to highlight that to bring about substantive change, legislative change must be accompanied by cultural change. This requires education programs and community awareness raising to change homophobic attitudes". 

Gabi Calleja said: "Such legislation has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of LGBT individuals. I hope that it will encourage individuals to come forward and seek assistance when they are victims of violence or discrimination".