Jan 26, 2012

Right to Feel Safe - Demonstration for Hate Crime Legislation

A decent crowd gathered tonight at Hamrun to demand amendments to legislation following the assault on two 16 year old girls earlier this month.

Gabi Calleja, MGRM's coordinator, addressed the press, condemning the attack and introducing the proposed amendments to the criminal code and press act.  We Are called for more supportive school and community environments for youth.  Moviment Graffiti, Integra and Drachma also stressed this point, whilst LGBT-Labour spoke about the importance of legislation.  ADZ (Green Youth) and aditus were also present.

We feel that it's very important to form a strong network when pressing for change and the presence of not specifically LGBT organisations in this movement is crucial.  Of course, the demonstration was only the first step and more action and lobbying will be necessary, but we're willing to push for this.  If you feel like you can play a more involved role in pushing for legislation and attitude change do let us know!

Thanks to all students and members who joined us tonight, we loved seeing you!

More photos here.

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