Dec 5, 2011

New Executive formed!

The new We Are executive has had its first meeting this weekend following the AGM. 

President: Christian Vella
Vice President: Sanny H
Secretary General: Luisa Tolu
Treasurer: Mark Josef Rapa
Communications Officer: Romina Tolu
Events Coordinator: Gaby Gauci

During our AGM we discussed changes to our statute, and following this we have decided to set up a Governance subcommittee which will work to get We Are senate recognised. This subcommittee will also be revising our statute and make more proposals for next year's AGM. 

At the AGM we also presented our annual report. We reminded our members that there are Queer books now in the library; an initiative which we believe was our achievement of the last year. 

The new executive is planning our new year; our members can look out for a queer christmas event, human rights events, a drag night, and much much more :). Last year as it was our first year on campus the focus was on setting a base, now that we are 'out' (pun intended) we think it is important that we really listen to our members and focus on creating a space for LGBTQI students.

We have also decided to revamp this blog and have set up a twitter account, follow us on WeAre_UOM!

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