Oct 31, 2011

Queer Books at the University!

This morning we had the great honour of being in an office at the University of Malta Library and seeing 20 queer books sitting, happily (of course), on the desk in front of us. 

What were those 20 queer books doing on a desk at the University of Malta you ask?
Well through a collaboration between We Are, the UoM Library and the KSU Students Resources Fund we have been able to get 10 different titles related to the Queer Studies study unit being offered at the UoM.
These books will definitely be very useful for all students who will be doing the Queer Studies course, but not only, as they will be of use also to anyone doing research in queer fields of study; or those who need to reference them for their assignments! (Or for like many of us at We Are - just for general interest's sake! ;))

For more information on the Queer Studies study-unit visit this link: SOC2057!

Almost all the books in the reading list have been bought by the Library. The books should be ready for borrowing by mid-November; and will definitely be ready to borrow by the start of 2nd semester and the start of the queer studies study-unit. :)

We Are would like to thank KSU and the Library for their collaboration in ensuring that these books would be bought after a request we had filed last year.