May 18, 2011

Positive News Coverage and We Are's Next Event

LGBT News Coverage
Protest against Homophobia - MGRM
Malta Today - Flowers for Friendship Photo Slideshows
News Coverage on Times of Malta :)
Malta Today Kiss-In photo slideshow

Film Event - The Birdcage

Finally to end such a brilliantly positive week of awareness we would like to invite you to our second and final film night before the University exams start in full swing...

Are you busy with your studies.. but miss your friends and the chances to socialise?
Are you busy being an activist or a volunteer for gay rights this week? And haven't had a chance to wind down in a friendly environment?

Then join us for a 'Light and Fluffy' film night.

We shall be screening an LGBT movie in a fun and relaxing environment.. and most of all safe too!
So bring your friends if you don't want to come alone; or make a brave step and come and meet us :)..
Entry is against a donation of your choice... and you also get to munch on some free munchies and drinks.

See you tomorrow!!

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