Feb 23, 2011

We Are - February and March updates -

KSU Organisations' Days 2011
22nd-25th February 
We Are's first two days at the KSU Organisations' Days have so far been very successful. Our stand is exactly opposite the main debate area, and one or more members will be there between Thursday and Friday [10am-4pm]. If you've visited and become a member please pop by again, most of us happen to be chatterboxes. If you haven't visited yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
As part of this week, we have also started our first poster campaign around campus.
For more information visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/weareuom or send us an e-mail on weareuom@gmail.com!

Just Dance - We Are launch party
12th March

To celebrate the start of a brand new semester, We Are has teamed up with BetaPsi, commA & Diverso to bring you the first of many coming parties - Just Dance!

So if you're looking to have some fun, make sure to keep the 12th of March free. Just Dance! will feature hot, local DJ Cathy-K; fantastic offers at the bar; an amazing crowd of people. It is a FREE event not to be missed!

Introduction to Queer Studies course
Tuesdays, 5-7PM, OH 101
Everyone is welcome to attend the Introduction to Queer Studies course at UoM being offered by the department of Sociology. In this study-unit lecture Ruth Baldacchino will introduce students to the field of queer studies through an examination of key theoretical texts and exemplary practices. 

MGRM Rainbow Weekend
25th - 27th March
As part of MGRM's capacity building objectives, the Rainbow Weekend is aimed towards providing participants with more information on MGRM's work and LGBT rights and issues, and to encourage more people to become active within MGRM and other LGBT movements.
Representatives of the We Are executive shall be attending the weekend, and also presenting the student organisation during a talk.
For more information about MGRM and the Rainbow Weekend, as well as application forms and a programme of events visit http://www.maltagayrights.net/Rainbow2011

Feb 12, 2011

Queer Studies course, Organisations Day and We Are's next event

With the start of the new semester there is also the start of a new course at university: Queer Studies. This course which is open to the general public was fully booked in just a couple of days last month when applications to the general public opened.

It is being held every Tuesday from 17:00-19:00 at OH101.

From the 22nd to the 24th February, KSU are organising Organisations Day. We will be setting up an info stand for the event, and will be close to the student house entrance. Feel free to pop by, have a chat and share ideas! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163096683739404

Finally We Are in collaboration with Diverso and student organisations CommA and BetaPsi are organising a party. 'Just Dance'. More info about this event can be found on our facebook group.